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2020-04-05 08:32News zum Coronavirus: Ursula von der Leyen will Marshall-Plan für Europa
Das Coronavirus breitet sich weiter aus. Weltweit haben sich mehr als 1,2 Millionen Menschen damit angesteckt. In Deutschland sind gut 96.000 Menschen infiziert, knapp 1500 gestorben. Alle Nachrichten zur Corona-Krise in unserem Liveblog.
2020-04-05 02:14Trump Urges Coronavirus Patients to Take Unproven Drug
He said the government was putting millions of doses of the malaria drug hydroxychloroquine into an emergency stockpile even though it has not been approved for Covid-19 treatment.
New York Times - Health
2020-04-04 22:07Nur wenige Verstöße: Frühling in Zeiten von Corona: Die Menschen halten sich bisher an die Kontaktbeschränkungen
Kontaktverbot – und dann kommt der Frühling. Das wird schwierig. Zudem fehlen Mundmasken, Schutzkleidung und Medikamente: Die Corona-Krise zeigt die Schwachstellen der globalen Lieferketten auf.
2020-04-04 20:25Live Coronavirus News Updates
All Americans should wear masks, the C.D.C. said, but President Trump says he won’t. Despite his travel restrictions, about 40,000 people have flown to the U.S. from China. Researchers in Pittsburgh have a new idea for a vaccine.
New York Times - Health
2020-04-04 20:24Coronavirus and Paid Sick Leave: A Quarantined Uber Driver's Quest
Zachary Frenette spent about two weeks fighting to get help under a new Uber policy. It worked, but only after he got the news media involved.
New York Times - Health
2020-04-04 20:14Coronavirus: 'We're on our knees' says nurse
A nurse posted a video to a Facebook group after a long and difficult shift in ICU amid the coronavirus pandemic.
BBC News Health
2020-04-04 17:44Corona-Pandemie: New York: In der Krise offenbart die Stadt ihr Gesicht
In New York ist das Coronavirus längst keine unsichtbare Gefahr mehr. Während die reichen Bürger der Stadt in ihre Sommerhäuser flüchten, werden die Ärmsten umso sichtbarer.
2020-04-04 14:43USA: Für Gehörlose: Studentin näht Schutzmasken mit Sichtfenster
Masken sollen gegen die Tröpfcheninfektion mit Covid-19 schützen, doch sie verdecken auch den Mund und verhindern somit, dass gehörlose Menschen beispielsweise Lippen lesen können.
2020-04-04 14:12A German Exception? Why the Country’s Coronavirus Death Rate Is Low
The pandemic has hit Germany hard, with more than 91,000 people infected. But the percentage of fatal cases has been remarkably low compared to those in many neighboring countries.
New York Times - Health
2020-04-04 14:00The Rise of Virtual Races
Runners may be running alone, but they can still feel as if they’re part of a larger group.
New York Times - Health
2020-04-04 11:00In Italy, Going Back to Work May Depend on Having the Right Antibodies
Weighing an idea that might once have been relegated to science fiction, Italy once again finds itself in the unfortunate vanguard of Western democracies grappling with the coronavirus.
New York Times - Health
2020-04-04 10:35Coronavirus Live Updates: C.D.C. Recommends Wearing Masks
The Centers for Disease Control said all Americans should wear masks, but President Trump said he wouldn’t.
New York Times - Health
2020-04-04 09:23Telemedicine Arrives in the U.K.: ‘10 Years of Change in One Week’
With the coronavirus pandemic turning doctors’ offices into no-go zones, family physicians are now doing much of their consultations online or by telephone.
New York Times - Health
2020-04-04 02:51China Pushes for Quiet Burials as Coronavirus Death Toll Is Questioned
Officials are ​trying to curb expressions of grief and control the narrative​ amid skepticism about the true size of the coronavirus epidemic’s death toll.
New York Times - Health
2020-04-04 02:44Coronavirus in N.Y.: Toll Soars to Nearly 3,000 as State Pleads for Aid
“It is hard to put fully into words what we are all grappling with as we navigate our way through this pandemic,” a hospital official said.
New York Times - Health
2020-04-04 00:38Can an Old Vaccine Stop the New Coronavirus?
A tuberculosis vaccine invented a century ago is cheap and safe, and seems to bolster the body’s immune system.
New York Times - Health
2020-04-03 23:50Do I Have COVID-19? Doctors’ Free Tools May Tell
The goal of the tools is is to help people “self-triage,” find out if their symptoms may by consistent with COVID-19.
2020-04-03 23:49F.D.A. to Allow Use of KN95 Masks Approved by China
The masks are almost identical in performance to the N95 masks that hospitals and other institutions are struggling to find.
New York Times - Health
2020-04-03 23:34Acute Stroke Care During COVID-19: AHA's Emergency Strategy
Suspending the usual review and evidence requirements for official statements, the AHA/ASA issues emergency guidance on treatment of acute stroke during the COVID-19 pandemic.
2020-04-03 23:30Why Talking About Our Problems Helps So Much (and How to Do It)
There’s more to the age-old advice to just “talk it out” than there seems. Here’s some of the evidence that explains why it is so helpful.
New York Times - Health

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